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A nice, light lunch.


320g tuna steak, tinned with olive oil
1 small onion
350g arborio risotto rice
100ml white wine
750ml vegetable stock
25g parmesan
Grated zest and juice of 1 lemon
50g wild rocket


  1. Drain off tuna, reserve a small amount of the oil, about 1 tablespoon.
  2. Chop the onion and fry it int he reserved oil.
  3. Add the rice, coating it in the oil.
  4. Add the wine allow to cook untill all of the wine has been absorbed.
  5. Add the stock a little at a time, allowing it to be absorbed totally by the rice before adding more.
  6. When the rice has cooked stir in the tuna, Parmesan, and lemon zest and juice.
  7. Remove from heat and season to taste.

Serve on a bed of rocket leaves and garnish with a small amount of lemon zest.